Cedeon Design Residential CGI Visualisations

I have worked with a number of residential architects to provide CAD support & draughting services. For 3 years I focused solely on delivering CGI Illustrations to clients with difficulties achieving planning permission by better communicating design through 3D architectural visualization. I developed a passion for technical artistry, cinematography and photography which lead to collaboration on a computer game as an CGI environment artist in 2016. I also worked on various Virtual Reality projects that utilized Unreal Engine 4 & realtime rendering technologies in the same year that VR headsets first came to market. In 2016 I contributed C++ code to Blender Institute, an open source 3D software suite where I was the first person to integrate the then new HTC Vive Virtual reality headset into the software

Minet Road

I was fortunate to get to work on an exciting new build proposal, a secluded plot off Minet Road, Camberwell, which has planning permission for a striking four-bedroom detached house set over two storeys. I produced a full set of exterior and interior furnished renders for the listing on themodernhouse.com website

Here is a link to the modern house listing